Informed product marketing for embedded computing businesses.

your marketing approach.


Are you ready to become market-driven?

Whether you need market research, product marketing, business development, conference speaker, or e-marketing services for your embedded computing business, Embedify has the experience and resources to help. Embedify brings you the product marketing experience, industry knowledge and contacts you need to make your business a success.


Embedify: em-bed-i-fy [em-bed-uh-fahy] - to embed, to become incorporated into or contained within as an essential part or characteristic.

What does Embedify provide?

Embedify offers a range of product marketing services as an extended part of your company, becoming embedded as a product marketing center-of-excellence.

Embedify combines experience, industry knowledge, contacts, and current technology and trend information into a marketing center-of-excellence. Embedify can reduce your risk in business decisions, leveraging experience as to what works and what doesn't.

Embedify exists to enhance your business. By helping get products and services defined more quickly and on the market faster, Embedify can impact your growth in a significant way. Embedify can lower your cost of marketing by providing highly skilled expertise that is immediately productive.

Embedify will help you assess your current marketing prowess and can help you reinforce a program that pulls necessary marketing elements from the framework. Embedify will save you time and money in your product marketing programs.

Who should use Embedify?

Companies ready to become market-driven are ready to use Embedify.

          • Start-ups needing product marketing services to launch business.
          • Small to medium sized companies that develop single board computers in various form factors, processors and chipsets for embedded applications, and software for embedded applications.
          • Large corporations seeking problem-solving assistance with specific projects.
          • Government agencies, corporations, and other organizations in search of embedded computing solutions.
          • Trade associations with marketing activities for its members.
          • PR and marketing companies providing services to high tech businesses.
          • Sales representative firms and distributors providing sales services to high tech businesses.